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WTF is a DJ Pack?

A DJ Service Pack aka DJ Pack is a ready to go one-stop shop of everything a DJ needs to put your song into their mix and possibly on the radio. Think of it like sending the DJ an Uber with the fire pack, except this time the fire is your new single.

The must-knows to a good DJ Pack are...

One: take yourself serious and give your songs actual names and have them mixed by an engineer. Professionalism matters here, the radio can't play songs recorded on your phone with "attachment" in the name.

Two: you gotta have at least four different versions of your single.

You need at least a Clean and Dirty (Explicit) version of your single so that the DJ can feel safe playing your song at an all ages festival, company holiday party or strip club in Atlanta. You also need an instrumental and Acapella version included, so the DJ can get creative with your song in their mixes. Send a DJ an email with those four versions and artwork and the odds increase in your favor.

Bonus tip: You can double your chances of impressing the DJ by including two more versions: a Clean and Explicit mix with DJ Intros included. If you don't know what a DJ Intro is, I got you. That just means your engineer adds a 4-8 bar kick and snare intro to the beginning of your song, making it easier for inclusion in the DJ's mixes. The more they play your songs at parties and see how the crowds react, the better shot you have at standing out.

Why do DJ Packs matter?

If you're an artist, a DJ is like the gatekeeper to your dreams. It's literally their job to find the hottest new music. If you make their experience with your new music as smooth as an Usher high note, you're making their lives and jobs easier. Keep a DJ happy and your music might go to all the right places.

Final verdict

If your producer/engineer doesn’t know how to create a DJ Pack - FIRE THEM!


A DJ pack does NOT guarantee you radio play but it does give the DJ what they need to promote, play and pitch your record to the powers that be.

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